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How To Maintain A Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal, also called a garburator or waste disposal unit is really a device that shreds food waste such that it can go through plumbing. The unit supports keeping smells of old garbage out of garbage kitchen and cans. For the unit to keep working for quite a while, you must maintain it. Listed below are easy methods to maintain it.

Keep hard materials from the disposal

Large, hard materials make the shredder dull and less efficient while small hard objects will get stuck and jam the rotating parts. The units feature a list that specifies the objects that you ought to avoid.

The list also specifies the quantity of hard objects you could devote the disposal. In the event that you suspect a given object is harder compared to the disposal can handle, the thing should be put by you in the trash can or put it in a worm composting bin.

Of the garbage disposal that you have regardless, you should keep carefully the following items from the units: hard bones, unpopped popcorn kernels, and hard shells from crabs, shrimp, along with other shellfish.

Don’t put starch and fibrous items in the disposal

These items produce stubborn drain blockages because the fibers get tangled and starches get thick. A number of the items that you need to avoid investing in the disposal include: banana peels, celery, potato peeling, artichokes, coffee grounds, fruit pits, onion skins, egg shells, and corn cobs.

If you cannot avoid putting these things in the disposal, you need to cut them into small pieces.

Run cold water as the disposal is on

After the drain has been cleared by the waste material, you should keep carefully the disposer and water running for 60 seconds. Cool water keeps the motor, shredder assembly, and bearings from overheating. The water allows you for the waste to decrease also. It is because the waste is pushed by the water down.

You ought not use warm water because warm water can melt fat and invite it to re-solidify and block the drain.


Clean the machine regularly

To completely clean the disposal, you need to make sure that it’s off. You need to then clean the inner side of the rubber in the sink resulting in the disposal. You need to wipe it with a paper towel.

You need to then throw some ice down from time to time. Ice supports knocking off any debris that may have build-up on the sharp edges of the disposal.

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